Welcome to the

Caledonian Society of Riyadh

Welcome to the website the Caledonian Society of Riyadh.

We are a group of Scottish (and Scottish-ish) people who live and work in Saudi Arabia and do our best to showcase what it means to be Scottish and to bring the community together in as many social ways as we can.


Greetings All,


I do hope you all had a good summer break wherever it may of taken you. As always we are making plans for the next 12 months with a few different events lined up. There will be a busy calendar so watch out for the emails.


Please check our web page (or click here) for the constitution as there have been some changes made.


We will be having our AGM next month and will be looking for volunteers to join our committee so do not be shy!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event.





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